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Hugs :-)
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Aimee is suffering again , shes as white as a sheet , looks awful poor kid and feels as bad as she looks , she doesn't have the incredibly painful boom ! boom ! boom !! kind of migraine i had the second i moved my head as a kid but hers is more a really bad constant pain that kind of drains her.

Michele i know Allan suffers and you've given me advice before but ive forgotten  sorry , and Helen i know your a severe sufferer but your not well right now so your excused  
So anyone that can give us any tips i would be very very grateful thanks

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Kasey, this may sound like the most improbable way to handle a migraine! i used to have them so regularly, and do still get bad ones. The acupuncturist i was seeing advised me to put my fee up to the ankles a bath tub of hot water, not so hot it burns or is very uncomfortable, but hot. and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. keeping the water hot.
it helps deconstrict the veins in the head and lets the blood flow. plus, i massage my face and skull to relax the muscles.
the hot water thing sounds odd i know, but i found it worked for me.

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My husband gets them so bad,he can barely open his eyes. Al is very anti-medication so he lays down in a dark,cool room with soft music playing. Sometimes,he's in there 24 hours. It doesn't hit him often but when it does,I feel for him. David didn't know Al was laying in our 4th bedroom one time and went in to get his backpack. He switched the light on and Al yelled so loud from the pain,I ran back there. I switched the light off and David felt terrible. It took a lot of cold compresses to get the pain level down. I wanted him to go to the dr but Al's tough.....and stubborn.
I hope Aimee feels better soon.

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Oh, Poor Aimee. I'm so sorry Kasey.

Allan is on daily medication to control his migraines. He gets two types, one which is a migraine, the other is stress.

The migraine one has sensitivity to light and sound. Allan will often throw up all day long as well, it's really terrible. He has special medicine, on top of his daily stuff. He has Tylenol 3, Morphine, and something else - which dissolves in his mouth so he keeps it down. That one plus the Tylenol 3 works the best. All this is on the advise of a neurosurgeon.

Allan went through many tests (very scary) but thank God he is fine.

Apparently with some people, certain foods can trigger - chocolate, smoked meats... you could do a search. Actually I will in a sec. Also Kasey, does Aimee have her period? That can be bad too, the hormones can trigger headaches with headache prone people. Also the weather change - you probably know all this.

The stress he can control with Advil get. Do you have those in England, Kas? If you don't I can send you a bottle. They are over the counter, strong, and Aimee would be able to take one or even two, depending on her weight. I take two if I'm bad. PM me, and if you can't get them there, I'll get them off to you today. Sometimes, my a hot bath and relax, with the Advil (my brother says.) Allan just goes to bed until it passes.

I'll Pm you about the Advil Gel.

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Kasey, it's just occurred to me to find out what kind of headaches Aimee has. There are migraine, stress, hormone, etc. Also you might want to keep a log of when she gets them, what did she eat last night? What is the weather like? What's going on in her life and when is she getting her period? You can give this information to the Dr and it might help.

I have a slight one today myself.

Extra strength are the ones I buy.
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