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Thanks Blue Rhap

Well everyone , Aimee has had tests galore done on her at the hospital as a day case , but the only one and the one I think is thee most important the hospitals and so called experts WILL NOT DO is a brain scan or full head MRI scan .... its not cost effective they say , she doesn't show this and that sign they say to justify one.
So what more signs do you need i think ? ,  maybe to have a f**king brain hemorrhage ????  , they said to me we dont think its a brain tumour ..... "DONT THINK?"  I SAID !!!! .... so dont think means that there IS a possibility ... arrrghhh !!! It makes me soooo bloody mad

Anyway i personally think it is hormonal and to do with her menstrual cycle , the Dr's hinted that it could be that and it when it happens seems to be in the middle of the cycle

You know this world is an unjust F**ked up place when they can put a person on the moon but cant invent zero calorie Chocolate
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