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Hugs :-)
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Thanks everyone ,  Janie i hope you are feeling better ... ive suffered Kidney stones before and that was agonizing enough .... i sooo feel for you

Michele your a darling , ill pm you later , Helen gawd i had no idea  yours sounds like Aimee's though to a certain extent , seems like one of life's mystery's albeit bloody painful ones

Thanks Kyla , its worth a try

Thanks chalupa , ive heard that about light sensitivity

Blue Mo ..... lol i love the sound of your pain expulsion and if it were me i would be trying in right now , trouble is stroppy 13 yr old ... need i say more

You know this world is an unjust F**ked up place when they can put a person on the moon but cant invent zero calorie Chocolate

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How is Aimee feeling now, Kasey?

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I think it is very important Kasey that you try to find out what causes the migraine. This is very difficult. Sometimes, doctors simply do not find it.
My mother had migraines for years. She had all sorts of tests, went to see all sorts of doctors. It was probably caused by stress. Now she is migraine free.
I have never suffered many headaches until a couple of years ago. Now I have severe headaches (I am not saying migraine) day after day after day. I believe it is hormone related. Also when I start to feel tired I have to watch out. Maybe Aimee has a similar problem, but then worse? As soon as I feel the pain coming up I take pain killers because I can hardly see and keep my eyes open - if I do not take pills I would simply have to lie down and rest and keep my eyes closed. The world we live in does not accept that. We have to keep going.
I hope you find a way to help Aimee, it is such a shame that such a young girl has to deal with this.

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I don't get headaches too often but Al does,like I said. Al is such a hard worker and I worry when he gets sick. He had a headache so bad last week he was squinting his eyes while talking to me. I told him to just go lay down and I brought him some cold compresses and pulled the drapes shut. He said laying in a dark,cool,quiet room helps a lot.
For those of you with migraines,my heart really goes out to you. It must be so painful.


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yes, severe headaches can be caused by stress and i agree that the cold compresses help. they help to increase the blood circulation.
but also maybe check into it with your doctor to rule out all possibilities.

K9 Compassion. i love the work they do, they rescue dogs who are made to fight. how could anyone do that to an animal. i support them with monthly donations.

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