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Keep the heid
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I don't suffer migraine.  What I got was a headache, but 6 weeks and many many tests later I was still suffering the same headache.  It just didn't go away and I had a different prescription every day.  I was even taken to hospital one time because I was almost passing out and throwing up.  But it was when I was referred to the Neuro Department at hospital that it was sorted out.  I had a brain scan (yes they found it) and the consultant put me on Amitriptyline.  This medication is commonly known as an anti-depressant, but it's actually used to treat many ailments.  I used to get it years ago when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, so I was shocked when I was back on it for headaches.

Thankfully, it works.  I have to take them every day though and if I miss a day or two the headache will come back.  If Aimee is suffering this sort of thing, I don't know if she would be prescribed these.  I have no idea on age limits.  Maybe it would be best for a doctor to see her and give her something for it.  Hope she's feeling better now.


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Allan's been to the hospital a few times. But he can't stand waiting in emerg for hours, he'd rather sit it out at home. And I feel so helpless too.

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I never got headaches until I had a few concussions.  Then I would get migraines.  Haven't had one for a couple years.  I would be really sensitive to light.  Sometimes I would take insane amounts of pain meds to try and dull things.


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I am prone to kidney infections. I was in the hospital for 4 days the end of January. I just got home from my checkup and I have another infection. Tears are coming frequently. I'm just so sick of it. I know it's because of my diabetes. But it's been really under control.
Al is on his way home because he said he heard tears in my voice when he called me. Dang,I thought I hid them pretty well.


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Ok..I am going to sound like a wackadoo...not that I haven't already achieved that status with my other off the wall posts..

But here is one method..

Your left hand is an absorber of energy (your right hand serves as an emitter).

Place your left hand on an area of pain, and envision the energy of the pain going into your hand, up your arm, through your upper torso, down your other arm, and out your right hand (have the right hand extended out and away from you and other people or animals). One way to help make sure you don't absorb the negative energy is to picture the energy running through an insulated pipe running through both arms and upper torso. After you think enough negative energy has been removed (you can also ask the sufferer how the pain level is now), stop, and switch hands. That is, place your right hand on the person and with the left hand placed upward, pretend an energy ball going into your left hand and going out the right hand and into the person. You are replacing the negative energy with positive energy.

This technique can be used for other types of healing besides assisting with pain. I can't guarantee it will work but I have used this on people with acute and chronic pain, and all have reported a lessening or cessation of pain after a few minutes. Make sure you envision the pipe or else you can end up absorbing the negative energy and manifesting the illness or pain, which has happened to me when I was weak to begin with.

Another way is just to have the sufferer of headache place his or her palms on top of their eyes, with the fingertips on the forehead. This helps draw the pain out from the skull. I haven't this tested this technique...only read about it.

Ok...end of twilight zone episode.
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