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Originally Posted by carolkuk
Hi Joyce,

I've been praying for you!  I have no idea about real estate in California.  I do know that there are options in Chicago that may be less expensive.  The weather sucks.  But, we do have a brotherhood/sisterhood of faith in the weather everyday, even if the wind blows us 3 blocks away.  I'm just saying, that, if you want/need to spend time in a less expensive state, and need to sort things out, then I do know God Loving people, mostly Democrats, who can help.  I don't know your needs, but I do know God is here too, and, perhaps can assist in the fly over zone.  Of course, we would need to discuss particulars, feasibility, etc.  I'm working on Pinkie's laptop/Internet connection (my savings from a big bill); I have faith that all our prayers will be answered.  Love to you Joyce, there is a solution, I can see it.  Big Hugs, Carol

Dearest Carol

Thank you so much dear. I have thought about a manufactured home. I don't like that idea or the expenses that go with that either.
I have thought about moving out of state anywhere except New York and California is cheaper.
I have an adult son whom I am very close with. He lives here and established himself.
I suppose I am a dreamer but I can't help but go back to the Christmas film called Christmas Angel with Bruce Davison. I would love for someone anonymously give me the ability to have provision to help others throughout the year and take care of myself like in that movie.
I absolutely love doing things like that and in my own small way for the past 37 years I do what I can.
I am challenged lately battling the way our world is going. People more and more self absorbed,many hurting each other, becoming greedy. I understand I may not realize the impact I already have in this world. I really don't need to Know I just wanted to be a part of the change for the good and cause a snowball effect.
I get discouraged. I then seem to isolate myself more and more.
Thank you Nicky for having a place to share my heart,my hopes and dreams, I love you and my Jeff Bridges Family here. Thank you Carol for Praying for me. It means a lot.Love you ♥️
Love Joyce XOXOXO

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