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Unt un?

Like no - is that the right way? Unt Un. I'm trying to think of it, I even looked it up on the Internet, but it's hard to look up correct ways to spell slang. Oh, I just gave myself an idea - I'll google that. But is that correct?

Any other slang expressions?

I have Uh-oh
and Uh huh but I need Unt uh.

Does anyone know if this is correct?

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I found a link:

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Michele i cant think what Unt is or what word you mean  , let me check your link ......OK I'm back and I'm still none the wiser , can you give me an example as in put it into an sentence for me so i might know what word your trying to slang ?

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I do not understand your word. I cannot find anything that makes sense either.

I found unt uh - but it still does not mean anything.

Is this something like Aha! or Eh what I meant to say is.... eh

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Ok. It's like saying: No Way, or Nope, or slang no. Unt (rhymes with hunt) uh - like when a kid shakes their head and says: Unt uh. But I'm not sure on the spelling. It's just for my dialogue, but it's not that important. We don't speak the way we write.. so it has to sound natural.
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